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About Me

I'm Maureen and I'm a Midwest girl through and through. Wisconsin will always have my heart. I have grown up, changed states, moved back, moved to Philly, and now I'm back for my third tour. What can I say, I can't get enough!


I have always been passionate and curious about the planet and how we leave the world around us.  Growing up on a dairy farm in Southwest Wisconsin, and watching the growing seasons each year blossom and then die. I learned that our time here is temporary so we need to use it wisely. 


I have made it my mission to help others live a more sustainable life. From the simple things such as item swaps to making the tough decisions about home building materials. There are always better alternatives for everything we do.


My husband and I DIYed our first home in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, and we had a "green" wedding in Central Wisconsin in 2012. 


I am so blessed to have a wonderful and supportive husband who just goes with my crazy ideas, a rambunctious little girl with a "can-do" attitude, and an old dog who keeps life in perspective. Together, we make the most awesome team, ready to take on what life throws at us. We definitely do not have it all together, but we do it our best to survive with grace.


I get my awesome sense of style, color and pattern from mom. You can blame her.


Like many of us who survived the Great Recession, our professional lives are not how we ever dreamed they would be. I have been a graphic designer, a server, a bartender, a retail professional, an event planner, a web administrator, a nonprofit director, and an entrepreneur.  I feel I have gained so many different applicable skills from every one of these and also my capacity for empathy for others has grown tenfold. I love meeting new people and helping those around me.


Throughout it all, I have always valued giving back through volunteering and raising money for philanthropies.


I have an MS degree in Nonprofit Administration from Louisiana State University - Shreveport. I am a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP). I work full-time with helping to fund homelessness projects and shelters across the state.

I am a current GelMoment Team Manager and Drama Queen ranking. I love the experiences and the connections it has given me. It is so much more than just nail polish.

Awards & Features

Best Personal Blog 2012 - The Parkland Project

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