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Holiday 2020

Yes, we still have much to celebrate.

This year has been insane for many, and if I'm being honest, if I hear "we're all in this together" again, I may scream. Anti-maskers I'm talking to you. Pandemics, natural disasters, elections, okay you have a vivid memory... The only things that have gotten me mentally through this year have been family and friends so this is a time to celebrate them in the best way.

Enjoy my full holiday guide here. Most of the items are under $50 because I'm thrifty but if there is a save and splurge item, I try to put both. 

Any item you purchase, using the links provided, I do earn a small commission. You save time and money from running around. I help support my family. Win, win!

Someone really hard to shop for?

I am happy to help you find something unique! Contact me at to help find that perfect gift.

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