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Reusable Straw Review

One of the largest problems about sustainability today is single use straws. The United States each day uses 500 million straws which averages to 1.6 per person, per day. That number is astounding!

To reduce my impact and make the transition easier, I test a few options for home use.

My goals is if I help one person make a different choice, I'm making an impact.

Stainless Steel Straw - durable, almost awkwardly strong compared to a normal straw. Do not use with super cold things if you have sensitive teeth. Definitely will last as long as you have it.

Bamboo Straw - durable and renewable. If you loose it, it just decomposes. No harm, no foul. Just like a stick.

Silicon Straw - flexible, like a real straw. Wide-mouth great for smoothies and milkshakes.

Images via: Amazon

Maureen's Favorite: BAMBOO STRAW

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